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Investment packages

Be smart investors


Interest rate: 1.5% daily

Total Profit: $450


Interest rate: 2% daily

Total Profit: $900


Interest rate: 2% daily

Total Profit: $1800


Interest rate: 2,2% daily

Total Profit: $3080


Interest rate: 2,5% daily

Total Profit: $8750


Interest rate: 3% daily

Total Profit: $15.000

Our investment approach

Building on active, bottom-up research, we create the competitive advantage that is able to deliver superior returns for our clients.
Because markets are only semi-efficient, we act on intelligent insight.

We have one of the largest global research capabilities with investment professionals and research staff around the world.

We are committed to proprietary insights: Our portfolio managers have access to in-house research, unavailable to others, on 90% of our fund holdings..

Our analysts carry out their research on the ground - visiting the shop floor, speaking to customers, competitors, suppliers, and independent experts to form conviction.

Over the course of a year, our portfolio managers and analysts attend more than 16,000 company meetings - or one every 10 minutes on average.

Our history

Fidelity International, as we later became known, was established in 1969 as the international investment arm of Fidelity Investments founded by Edward C Johnson 2d in 1946 in Boston.

In 1981 we opened our Hong Kong office, which is today our second largest investment hub, with a focus on investment and research across China and South East Asia.

1990 saw the launch of our Luxembourg registered fund range which could accommodate investments in multiple currencies, first making Fidelity funds available to investors across Continental Europe and Asia.

As an industry leader in investment technology and infrastructure, we were a founding member of EMX Co, now owned by Euroclear, which established a UK fund order routing system with technology developed by a Fidelity unit.

Fidelity Worldwide Investment invested US$15 million into a single platform research management system in 2014, which can be accessed in real time by our 400 investment professionals, wherever they are.

We serve everyone – from individuals, advisers, financial institutions, employer pension plans, and governments across Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America.